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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

On Betty and Veronica

I woke up this morning with the realization that the only thing that kept Betty and Veronica interested in Archie was each other. Honestly, Archie is a putz. That boy shows no respect for the women he dates. He lies his way out of paying the tab at every turn, ditches one girl to go hang out with the other, and will go as far as to get his date to push his peice of shit car while he steers when it breaks down. He has no positive attributes that could account for the attraction; can't say it's looks, he's not so hot, definately can't say it's brains, and his conversation is made up entirely of cheesy one-liners. (You ever notice the girls get the 'yakkity yak yak yak' bubbles and Archie never does? That's cause he ain't got nothin' to say.)
So what attracts the girls? Well, with Veronica, you know it's the competition. Honestly, she's the self-centered, rich, high school hottie, like she wouldn't be all over Reggie if it weren't for the fact that she needs that conquest. The idea that Archie could potentially like Betty more than her, would drive her loopy.
But Betty's not like that, you say? Not sweet, innocent Betty, she's in it for love, the real deal? Sure, she thinks so. But how much time does Betty spend with Archie, without it being busted up by Veronica? The fact is, give Betty a solid week with just her and Archie, and she'd realize she's so not willing to put up with that shit. We are talking about a girl who can run a sweet kitchen, score a job at the drop of a hat whenever she's short of cash, get good grades, and still have time to sew a replica of a designer outfit in one comic frame. Seriously, she's not a fucking moron. She just hasn't had the quality time with Archie needed to realize that she's beyond that shit.

Yup. No deeper meaning, no moral behind the tale. That's it.


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