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Monday, August 15, 2005

Gone Fishing

Sung to the tune of 'Going to the Closet' from Zaboomafoo

Going up to Campbell,
Gonna eat free food,
Going up to Campbell,
Free food is real good.

Artistic license: food does rhyme with good, dammit.

Yup. Visiting the parents for a week. Got here yesterday, had a good trip up. Hit the beach, and went for icecream before getting to the house.
The house, by the way, is not the house I grew up in. Hell, the house I grew up in isn't the house I grew up in. Don't really know where I grew up. Lived in the old house from grade six through grade ten, then back on and off for the first half of grade twelve.
When I first left Campbell, I didn't come back for two years. Then came 'home' for a summer, by then they'd sold the old house. Spent that summer sleeping on a mattress in the office.
There's nothing in this house that reminds me of me. The (now) spare bedroom is mainly The Kid's room. That summer that I came to visit it was my sister's room.
After that, didn't come home for another two years. Came home when I was pregnant, was supposed to run the restaurant while my parents where in Scotland for a year, then move out of the house, go to school here, get my hotel and restaurant management diploma...
They never went to Scotland. I was back in the office, working under my mother at the restaurant. That didn't last too long. Distance makes the heart grow fonder.
I always forget when I'm away how much I hate Campbell. This house is out of town, no bus service, nowhere to go. And I spend the entire time I'm here cleaning, while trying to keep The Kid and Ma from undoing anything I've done. Often, there's little difference between taking care of Ma and taking care of The Kid. Except Ma's fully capable of taking care of herself, she just doesn't want to. No time, apparently.
I don't see how much time it takes to put a banana peel or peach pit in the garbage.
There's no one in this town I want to see, other than R. Of my old friends, all either left, or have become part of the heart and soul of this town. Which is an evil, evil thing.
Anyway, since I'm in Campbell, I think I'll try to spend the week (or at least the next four days, while Ma's out of the house,) reminiscing about Campbell. Heck, we'll make it theme week. One post a day, one person a day as the focus of that post. How very organized.
So, we'll do the following people (and don't even try to hold me to it, I plan far better than I function):
If I can still post after Ma's kicking around, I may stick with the theme, I may not. So there's the list, for now. I'll start tomorrow.


Blogger PornStar said...

Glad to see you made it safely...give the kid and big kiss and hug from me

8/15/2005 5:43 PM  

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