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Friday, July 29, 2005

Stuck in the House on This Hot Hot Dry Day....

It's one of those perfect summer days out there, at least perfect if you're out there. Not so much in here. But The Kid, a virtual reference source of all and any abstract disease has come up with yet a new one. She has hand, foot and mouth disease. I thought that was something you were supposed to kill sheep for getting. Nope, apparently it's something you gotta keep The Kid out of daycare for.
Most children get colds, or the flu, or the stomach flu. Not mine. She collects anything that comes with spots. And never the same thing twice. At least this one is just spots. No fever, she's bored, and pissed that she doesn't get to do show and tell today, other than that she's just spotty. (Not all over, of course, just on her hands, feet, and mouth. Think the name might be appropriate?)
So how the heck do you entertain a child that is not allowed to have contact with other children? Queen's park is calling, this is the perfect day for sitting in the shade, chain smoking and drinking coffee, while The Kid frolics in the water park, but guess what? Water parks come with other children. Could go to the Quay for hot dogs and ice cream, let her play on the tugboat (it's on land, built into the boardwalk for kids....) but there's that kid-friendly zone again.
Problem is, my little blue collar suburb is just to dang kid friendly. 'Bout the only other thing we have, other than young families, retirees, and students, is a healthy supply of junkies that congregate around the skytrain for a couple of months before we ship 'em all out to the next city over. Burnaby sends them packing back this way after a while, but it's an even balance. Like joint custody.
So anyway, I'm bored out of my gourd. One of those instant onset boredoms, you know, the one where you decide you ought to be bored, and ain't no way you're gonna do anything to rectify that. (Don't even try to entertain me, I will not be distracted from this boredom funk!)


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