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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

May 16

Why? Because Shadow likes that day.
Why Shadow? Let me count the ways....
First, lets start with the obvious/redundant:
Well, her mom's funeral sucked. Those who did care about her, hadn't seen her in years. Those who "knew her", hadn't known her for days.
But it doesn't really matter how much of an extrovert or introvert you are, when it comes down to it, no one will know you, or love you, like your children.
And so we have: Shadow.
And it's her turn to take life like she wants too. (You know I'm dying to take up the fight and kick some ass here). But It's her day, to do as she wants, even if that means restraining me from any asskickery that oughta be done.


Shadow will hate you, unerringly, and without pity, if she wants to.
She won't fake her way through life, she knows. And she will be.

Shadow will help you, with anything, on anyday, if you need it.
She just will. Because she can. Even if she can't, she'll find a way.

Shadow will cry. At any moment. And it will make you cry too.
She understands the most precious seconds are the best.

Shadow will kick your ass. Trust me. She's kicked my ass.
And it hurts. Either drink lots, or don't piss her off.

Shadow will accept anything. Unerringly. She will not compare it to her life, she will not devalue it, whatever you say, Shadow will take at face value, and rate it on her own private scale. And then, whatever the weights, in Shadow's world you will come out as human. It doesn't matter what you do, to her, you are a fuckup who needs a bitch slap, or a dummass who needs a wake up call.
Whatever she decrees, to Shadow, all people are human, and equal. Although Shadow doesn't define herself as a socialist (she's an environmentalist), she lives equality in a way that most people can only strive for.
She hates people. She loves people. Either way, it's always on her own terms.

One last note: Shadow is one of the most level headed people I know, which is why it always makes my giddy with delight when I can make her rage, or cry. So Shadow, if I've made you rage, or cry lately, it was probably on purpose. My bad. Except for that tonight thing. That was "differerent".


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