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Yeah. I got nothin.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Yup. I Got Nothin.

Trying to maintain two posts a week, don't figure that's too much to ask, but I got nothin'. Well, maybe not nothin', I do have two midterms tomorrow, in two classes that I haven't been to in two weeks. Yeah, ya'll know I'm full of shit, but truth be known, it has actually only been three weeks since I've been to one of those classes. I think. Might have been five weeks for the other one, but lets not be negative here, it may have been less.
I've also got a face that's breaking out like a fourteen year old boy's. Which is fun, because it's been nearly fourteen years since I've been fourteen, and at least one past life since I've been a boy, if not more.
So anyway, that makes me cranky, and if there's anything that pisses me off, it's being cranky and not being able to subdue it with beer. But even I can't justify beer when I have a midterm at 8am.
Unsubdued pissedness stresses me out. Being stressed out makes my hair turn gray. And that infuriates me, cause who the fuck deals with breaking out by going gray?
Lemme tell you, if I can't find a babysitter for Thursday night pub night, someone's gonna have to die. Because cheap, shitty beer is a great way to deal with the day after midterms and the day before a justified day off (class cancelled). Besides, I may not look good, but get me drunk enough, and I sure as hell think I do. Which is just about the same thing, right? Working facial cleanser be damned, a change of perspective is what's needed here.
Alright, I gotta go crack a textbook. Or a beer.... No. No, dammit, a textbook.
I can do this.
Again, gark.


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