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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Two Points

1) I'm already cheating: There's three points. Number one being that I have some serious writer's block, which shouldn't even be possible for this level of bloggery, but hey, it happens. I can't even muster a giant happy face. So instead, I'm sending to places that are writing things:

2) Read this here post at Feministe. And if you're brave, try to make your way through the comment thread as well (I didn't, but I'm a lazy assed fuck and it's way passed my bed time anyway). After a bit of internal debate, I came to the conclusion that this should not be an issue. Nicole/Nicholas is a child. A pre-schooler. Give me one good reason why a pre-schooler should have their identity formed around their sexuality. I've said it once, I'll say it a hundred times: Kids and sexuality don't mix. Remember that. Live it, love it, learn it.
There's something seriously wrong with our society that a child should have to decide that their transgendered at the age of five. Who wrote this gender shit in stone? Not history, that's a load of bull. Turn back a hundred years, and you couldn't tell the difference between a boy and a girl. It just wasn't an issue.
I'm not saying that Nicole isn't Nicole. Hell, I'd lay bets that she is. But the fact that a five year old has already determined that her nature is so different from other boys that it could only mean that she's born with the wrong gender doesn't say anything about Nicole, it says something about the drooling fetish we have with sexuality and gender as a society as a whole.
This isn't about a girl, or a boy. This is about a fucking child.
When did we get to the point that pre-schoolers are studying the issue of the biology of gender, and making life changing decisions based on that?

3) I lied again. We're gonna get up to four points. I just discovered that there is a reason for those people who type all in caps locks. Seriously, Keep your fingers off the shift key. I don't care if you're not typing anything, and you just wanna rest that there pinky for a minute. Don't. Because if you pass that eight second mark, you'll lose all control of your keyboard to the Microsoft demons. Don't do it. Back away from the shift key.

4) I was going to write a much more grand opener for the newest, shiniest link on here, but between the procrastination, writer's block, complete inability to schedule, and the fact that after spending the last half hour trying to figure out how to get that fucking caps lock off, it's now way, way past my bedtime, I'm just gonna plunk that link down here. New Millennium Nigga. Read. Laugh. But laugh in a "it'd be funny, if it wasn't true...I think I'm gonna cry," kinda way. You will enjoy. Heck, I'm offering up a money back guarantee on that one.

5) I got a new fish tank. I'm gonna beg, borrow or steal a camera to commemorate this occasion. Until then, I'm going to bed.


Blogger Boo! said...

Isn't it interesting how some children are SO aware of social constructs that they're able to make their very own permanent life-changing decision?

6/08/2006 1:04 AM  

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