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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Today I....

Saved a pigeon from certain death. Oh yeah, called in the SPCA and everything. Resigned myself to putting the ten bi-weekly journal articles which were due this afternoon on hold so that I could babysit that traumatized pigeon, and chain smoke on the patio. Cause I'm a good Samaritan like that. Saviour of pigeons, great and small. If that doesn't demand good karma comin' my way, I don't know what does.
I'm a regular fucking hero, man.
Oh, and the karma? When I showed up three hours after class had ended with the previously due journal articles, all my instructor had to say about it was a good old talk about the joys of chain smoking.
Bloody waste of good karma, if you ask me, but maybe I've got some left over. Pigeon, assignment. What's worth more?

Went for beers with a friend tonight. We were talking tattoos, she has a friend who has This To Shall Pass tattooed across her wrists. Tattoo girl was depressed as a teenager, her grandmother came one day and said those words to her.
These are the things that make life great, these random connections with people who you have never met. That story that brings it all home, that there is someone out there who one day, had the very same thing pass through their head that has gone through yours.
Sometimes knowing that you are completely unoriginal is shit, other times, it's like a warm, fuzzy blanket.


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