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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas To All...

The Turkey: Was succulent, and has not killed anyone, as of yet. Although the Lucky Fingernail was never found, therefore no one has yet claimed their year of good luck. I have the leftovers. It shall be mine.

The Kids: Proved their resilience once again, by surviving a gathering of their peers. Minor bruising, major tantrums, the possibility that all my neighbours have put in notice, all as should be. Job well done.

The Cat: Only succeeded in molesting the turkey post-feast. Sucker. Turned her nose up at the peice freely offered to her - the thrill is in the hunt, after all.

The Presents: Wrapped by 2am. Another job well done. (Although not by me, I must admit. Hey, I'd been cooking for 24 hrs by then. Cut me some slack.) And good enough to pass muster with The Kid, despite the fact that she did not receive, "one pink princess dress, with sparkles, one pair pink high heels, with sparkles, and one tiara, with diamonds". Yes, somewhere, somehow, The Kid became a true girly-girl. I blame daycare.

The Breakfast: Crepes are always better with hazelnut chocolate. And cooked by someone else. And served with booze, even if you are too hung over to indulge. Speaking of hungover....

The Booze Nog: Provided and liberally poured by Shadow. I thank you. My head does not.

The Weather: Perfect for a lazy post-crepe day in the park with the kid. Which brings us to the joggers: did they do their dinner on the eve before too, or are they pre-emptive in their efforts? Why so many? It's Christmas, don't lighten up.

Back To The Presents: I have socks which say, "Let's focus on me," and note cards with squashed fairies on them. Life is good. Although there is a chance I also have strange tastes in things, at least people know what I like.

....And to all a good night.

It's time for bed.


Blogger shadow of a doubt said...

That was a damn good dinner. If you weren't missing one very important appendage, I'd a put a ring in your stocking.

12/25/2005 10:14 PM  
Blogger Impulsivecompulsive said...

Important appendage...the finger I lost in the turkey? It wasn't my ring finger, you know. That's okay, I don't wear rings anyway.
Wait a minute, you're talking about something less PG aren't you? Ohhh..I get it.

12/26/2005 10:12 AM  
Blogger Truecraig said...

Much belated merry xmas! I got a used sock packed with coal that smelled of cat urine! So AWESOME!

That's not true.

It was probably dog urine.

12/28/2005 8:53 AM  
Blogger Impulsivecompulsive said...

Very awsome! I hope for your sake it is dog urine, cause that's much cooler than cat urine. Yeah.

12/28/2005 11:11 AM  

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