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Thursday, July 06, 2006

You Can't Hide Behind A Dead Cow

Is the mantra The Kid repeated for hours on end today. As a social experiment, I have to say my daughter may not be a good test subject.
Although we can always use a new proverb, and you can't go wrong with, "You can't hide behind a dead cow."

So: Darfur is Dying. No shit, you say? Well, MTV has gone and made an online game with that very name. Check it out. I'll provide the link, just as soon as I'm done talking.
Exploitation, or education? I'm sure that's the issue that'd be surrounding this here game, should there actually be an issue. I don't know. I can't be bothered to find out.

The idea is to try to keep a refugee camp alive for one week. It ain't easy. You need a hell of a lot of water (and don't go sending that girl in the purple dress-she's always caught-at least in my attempts).

So, fuck the exploitation shit. Question is, will kids who don't give a fuck actually start to give a fuck based on this game? Probably not. (Although I'd hazard a guess that should the game be better developed, some people might find that it makes them give a shit.)

It's an interesting approach, anyway. And if anything, should The Kid find herself in a desert while being pursued by militia, she will find a better hiding spot than in the carcass of the dead cow.*

So the link: Darfur is Dying

*Course, the crappy thing is that there are kids my daughter's age who found that one out the hard way. Kinda funny, how we choose to believe that today, no child died of dehydration after their mother couldn't safely go for water.
They're not real. They're just a game.


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