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Monday, September 12, 2005

Fuck Today

I just spent a day at school either in class or studying. I spent so much time in class or studying that my smoke breaks were taken about once an hour, and lasted one measly cigarette in duration. This is not my style, how can one be expected to learn in an environment like this? Bloody Mondays, everyone is either has back to back classes all day, or aren't there at all. I need my down time, I'm a social learner.
After that, I get home, and my apartments full of smoke and my fish is belly up. Not dead, of course, that would be too easy. Just hangin' in that half dead phase that you know there's no returning from, occationally getting a bite taken out of it by one of it's rather foreward thinking tank mates. I hate that point in the fishy life cycle, but I just can't justify expediating it's end by sending it down the inferno of flush.
I can't even chain smoke to make up for my crankyness, cause as smoky as my apartment is, at least it's better than outside. Fucking wind better shift soon. There's something wrong with it being too smoky out to go out for a smoke.
Dammit, I hate wasting crankiness on not PMSing, cause if I gotta be cranky, can't I at least get bloated and zitty out of the deal?

Amendment: Okay, so maybe hoping for the wind to shift is a little insensitive, even for me. If the fire isn't heading towards houses right now, it's probably best that the wind doesn't shift.
Less wind, more rain. How's that for sensitivity? See, Impulsives are people too.

Amendamendament: One thing worse than half dead fish: when half dead fish mysteriously vanish. What the fuck!?! Where the hell did it go?


Blogger PornStar said...

Hmmmmm, smoking...on day 2 of not smoking...oh the agony...I just wrote most of a post on it when it was supposed to be about the first week of school...can see where my mind is...gonna miss our smoke breaks that last for hours...

9/12/2005 11:00 PM  
Blogger Impulsivecompulsive said...

Strive for the day that you no longer crave cigarettes...then you can join me back in the smoke pit, minus the yellow teeth, stanky hair, and no need to freeze or drown on shitty weather days.
I've always been a firm beleiver in dragging nonsmokers outside with me, I'll grant you a two month grace period, then we'll renegotiate.

9/13/2005 8:02 AM  
Blogger PornStar said...

Two months eh...just in time for finals and the crappy weather...lucky me ha ha

9/13/2005 11:51 PM  

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