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Sunday, September 18, 2005

On Happiness

Been reviewing my current posts and I've realized that I can come across as a little....angsty. But I'm not an angsty girl, I'm a happy kinda girl. Okay, so I do love a good rant, but my recent posts do not at all provide a balanced view of my current lifestyle. Contrary to how I make myself out to be, I'm not actually a bitter, vindictive, chain smoking drunk. Well, so the chain smoking part is accurate, and I am an incredibly cheap drunk, but, when put in context, I spend much more time sober than drunk, and I only smoke outside, so that cuts the consumption dramatically when I'm at home.
So here's to a normal day. Not exciting posting material, but hey, we can't always live our lives for the amusement of others, now can we?
Slept in this morning, managed to convince The Kid it wasn't morning yet until 10am, at which point guilt finally dragged me out of bed. Downed a couple of pots of coffee while The Kid watched Dora and ate, then finally mustered up the courage to review the damage M's wedding, Porny's birthday, my stalwart refusal to buy groceries, and a shopping trip had done to my budget. Found out that I am not, after all, preemtively screwed for the semester. Joy! Buoyed by this success, I had an urge to calculate how many credits it would actually end up taking me to finish the second of my two year degrees. And you know what? I'll be done 120 credits worth of schooling in 112 credits. Score. That's what I call efficient, and if there's anything they beat into my head in economics, it's that Efficiency is God. So I'm cool.
Took The Kid to the Quay with C., her husband, and their daughters. It was children's fest, or something like that, so they got to tempt llama's to spit on them, tempt ancient pony's to bite them, and tear around like chicken's with their head's cut off, which fully constituted a good day from the kids perspectives.
Then went to the grocery store, where I actually bought groceries for the first time in, what, three weeks? More? (The Kid and I have been living off of school cafeteria food, free food from the student union, free food scavenged from any booths and whatnot in the school concourse, and the occational delivery. Which takes a bite out of my wallet, cause I always figure if you're gonna get it delivered, may as well make it steak and tiger prawns, and throw in some bacon and scallops, and mushrooms neptune for good measure.) Didn't go nuts on the groceries, but got enough for the first home-cooked meal (yes, I know, prepackaged, cut me some slack here) we've had since getting back from Campbell, and a weeks worth of lunch fixings for The Kid.
So tonight I think I'll ride this responsibility role I've been on, and start in on the two assignments I've got due on Tuesday. Oh yeah, I'm a good scholastic citizen. Oh yes I am.
Oh yeah, and I'm pretty sure Psycho Midget had mixed my number up with someone else's, and was not actually trying to contact me. Just very easily confused. Remind me later that there is no such thing as a free lunch. And keep reminding me of that, often, and repetitively. I learn well with repetition.
Ohhh, and maybe tonight I'll branch out into being a good corperate citizen and see if I can find the stack of bills that must be kicking around here somewhere, because according to my budget, I haven't paid bills in a pretty darn long time. (Wow, I'm really am on a role here, no swearing in this entire post, and I just typed because rather than cause. Maybe I'll go back and edit my kindas into kind ofs. No, that's just pushing it.)

Update: My bad, forgot to carry the one. I am rather preemptively screwed for the semester. Well, could be worse. At least I have some great shoes. And a weeks worth of groceries.


Blogger Boo! said...

Gotta love those ones...

9/18/2005 10:31 PM  
Blogger PornStar said...

groceries...i am so proud of you

9/19/2005 8:31 AM  

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