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Thursday, July 27, 2006


Two points:

1) There's nothing better than popping up and down like a manic prairie dog because you can't decide if you should sit up straight so that you can clearly see the most beautiful sunset of the season without your balcony railing disrupting the view, or if I should stand up, so I can clearly see the reflection of the sunset in the river, or if I should just hunker down and watch the baby seagulls on the roof across the street testing out their wings.

2) I am normal. After a fifteen pound weight gain over the past six months, I have finally figured out that my new found fattitude equals exactly two pounds under the exact medium level of what constitutes exactly healthy for a woman of my size. Fuck you, weight-loss plans, this tissue ain't going nowhere. I'm 5'10", 149 lbs, and I'm sticking with it. Paris Hilton can kiss my fat ass, while I'm busy downing as many pieces of left-over birthday cake as I want.

I'm gonna go eat some b-day cake now. Goodbye.


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