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Monday, October 17, 2005

On Music and Parenting

Music was easy, back in the day. In Banff, you listened to Banff music. It wasn't cool, (or whatever the fuck the word is for cool these days), it was more like a code language. Everyone knows every word to every Sublime song ever written. Pennywise, Jane's Addiction, Ween, that one song by Diesel Boy, these were anthems, a means of communication.
Then parenthood ensued. Satan's Cat loves her upbeat tunes, but The Kid went through a two year phase where she would only listen to blues or classical, (and Dire Straights, of course. We all need a little Dire Straights in our lives.)
She grew out of that, and I started to reclaim music. Now, I'm not a music person. I don't know who plays in what band, I can't classify music for the life of me, hell, I don't even know what the fuck Emoh is. What the fuck is Emoh?
Break for one: Who the fuck keeps calling me and hanging up? Seriously, if you can't even commit to four rings, you're gonna have problems in life. That's like the fifth time in a week. Maybe fourth. What ev. It's driving me nuts. It's all about the follow through, here people.
So back to the topic at hand. I like what I like. I'm a music sponge, I hear a song, I find it, I listen to it twenty times in a row, I hunt down the lyrics just to get it in my head and good. Then, if I feel like it, I might find another song by the same artist. Or, I might get distracted and not hunt down another song by the same artist. The second is far more likely.
Don't get me wrong, I love my music. I come from a music loving family, fights ensue over who gets to pick the dinner music at family gatherings. But I love to love my music, simply because I love a song. Beyond that, I don't want to know.
Lately though, there's been too much music talk around me.
Who's this by? Good tune.
Dunno, The New Amsterdams or The Natural History, I think.
Nope, it's The Fiery Furnaces.
Oh yeah, great band. So and so saw them play at such and such, with who's its, and then they're opening for who the fucks at whatchamacallitz.
Well, fuck you too. I don't want to know if what I like is a great band or not. I don't want to know who they opened for, or what concert I should have been at, or who's better than them. Play me a tune. Burn me a cd. Quote me some lyrics. Most of the best tunes are given out over beers. But don't expect me to have 'good taste', just cause I know the words to that song by that band.
Don't know why this annoys me so much, I guess I just want to like whatever I want on any given day. You like a tune, and think I'll like it? Share the wealth, I love new music. And hell, your probably right. But don't tell me if they're cool or not. (What the fuck is the new word for cool? Does anybody know?) Don't tell me that if I like a, I must know b, cause anyone who know's a knows b. Tell me that if I like a, I gotta listen to b, cause I'll love it. That, I can work with.
It was a long, slow hunt, regaining music after The Kid. The X stole my old stereo, got a new one, traded that for a bed for The Kid, blew the speakers on the computer, got new speakers, Satan's Cat ate them for breakfast, got new speakers, slowly began the music hunt, computer crashed and I lost everything on it, got a new computer, had access to noise, but no tunes to access. It was a long, slow hunt, and I enjoyed it. I don't want to know if what I've found has already been found, I like walking by an open window, hearing a tune I like, and spending days trying to track it down with nothing but the chorus to work with.

Yeah.....starting to think I can be a little possessive here. That's about what this boils down too, know isn't it? Well, how would you feel, it's like trudging through sandstorms and blazing heat to find the Lost City, only to get there, just as a tour bus shows up.

Make that possessive and chagrined.

Damn, I suck.

No no! That's not it. I've figured it out: I don't want to know that what I've been listening to is what I should be listening too. I don't want to live up to my stereotype of a twenty something art student. Wait, am I an art student? What the heck am I? I'm not business, am I? That can't be right. Note to self, find out what I'm studying. So yeah, now I don't know if that means I suck or not.
Come to think of it, suck is out, isn't it? What the hell is the new suck?

Shit, straight back to the gutter for me.


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