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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Of The Day

Word of the Day: Frenetic.
Definition pending me getting off my lazy ass and looking it up.

Epiphany of the Day: Parents for dinner.
Sipping my morning coffee, memory swims to the surface of Sunday night, "Sure, see ya Wednesday."
Here? Now? Why? Am I supposed to know this?
Please tell me I haven't forgotten a wedding or funeral.

Smell of the Day: Garlic.
Fuck, my apartment reeks. You'd think burning eighty candles last night would have solved that. Nope. No vampires here.

Good Deed of the Day: Gots me some shiny clean fish tanks.
And created hidey holes, so those babies can get around be being born, without being eaten. Except I suppose it's not 'born' if they're coming out of mom's mouth, is it.
Is it?

New Trick of the Day: Html code all by myself.
Look, Ma! I can underline!

And the Happy Ending: Parents came by. I did not, in fact, forget any funerals or weddings (off the hook is a good place to be). They did not drop off a semi-retarded obese cat on dialysis, but they did drop off:
One lasagna
One forty of Kahlua
Twenty cigarettes
Six beer
One loaf of garlic bread
Life is good.

Frenetic /fre-ne-tic/ (adjective) frenzied and frantic
characterized by feverish activity, confusion, and hurry


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